Your chariot, little one

Dear Baby,

The arrival of April has gifted us with the ability to now say that you’re due next month. Sure, your due date is technically towards the end of the month and yes, we’ve heard that first born babies tend to come late, but that hasn’t stopped your dad and I from telling everyone that you’re coming soon.

Preparations are underway for your arrival. When we first told your grandpa’s co-workers that we were expecting, the first thing someone said was that we’ll be back in the dealership to upgrade our car to a Forester. Well, they were right. We figured that you would want some space in the backseat and had been looking into upgrading over the last few weeks.

This morning, your grandpa called and said he did the math and that with a trade-in we would end up spending the same amount that we did now. I told him that we could come by this morning to take a look at Foresters while we were getting the oil changed in our current car. His response? “No, you’re not getting an oil change. You’re getting a new car.” 

Subaru. Best new car for baby
TOP: April 6, 2013. Buying our first new car together. BOTTOM: April 1, 2016. Buying our baby-friendly car.

And he was right. There was no sense in us changing the oil in a car that we weren’t going to be driving. We walked into the dealership where your Papa works, test drove a Forester, chose the color (your dad actually agreed to WHITE!), signed a few papers, and before we knew it, we were driving off the lot. It pays to have family in the car business.

I can’t believe that this is the car we’ll be bringing you home in. That in a few weeks we’ll have your car seat installed in the back. And before we know it, we’ll all be on your first road trip. It’s bananas.

We truly hope you enjoy your new ride, kiddo. We expect to have this one for a while.

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