Travel with me to: Iceland

I don’t know what I was thinking when I packed for Iceland. I had this weird notion that since it was the end of March, it would be somewhat warm. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Luckily, I had packed enough cold weather clothes to last me the week we were there.

If there’s one thing I learned about Iceland it’s that the weather can (and will) change at the drop of a hat. Pack layers and an extreme sense of adventure. The country gives back in so many ways.

Iceland's notorious Blue Lagoon
Iceland’s notorious Blue Lagoon
Exfoliating.  Tawny Clark

All of the hype about the Blue Lagoon? It’s totally true. The place is magical. I would recommend a trip to the Blue Lagoon as soon as you’re off the plane. It’s a great way to relax and fight off jetlag. I could have spent all day soaking in the beautiful warm waters, but I was anxious to get out and explore more of the country.

Reykjavik Iceland is beautiful
Reykjavik’s Hallgrímskirkja church


The colorful waterfront
The colorful waterfront

We spent a day in Reyjkavik to collect ourselves before stuffing ourselves in our Sixt rental car and taking off the explore more of the countryside.

With only a week in Iceland, we decided to head northeast and see as much as possible. Spoiler alert: it’s beautiful. Everywhere in Iceland is beautiful. It seemed like my jaw was dropping with every corner.

The landscape seemed other worldly. I didn’t know so much beauty could fit on just one island.

Iceland's iceberg beach
Jökulsárlón iceberg lagoon
Clear skies following an epic snowstorm
Clear skies following an epic snowstorm
Beauty around every turn
Beauty around every turn
Getting to know the locals.
Getting to know the locals.
Exploring hidden caves and waterfalls.
Exploring hidden caves and waterfalls.

I would love to revisit Iceland in a new season. While I loved spring, it would be great to go back in either the winter or the summer. I might just have to do both. We missed the Northern Lights while we were there and it’s a bucket list item that I still need to cross off.

The magic of Iceland is something I miss everyday.

4 thoughts on “Travel with me to: Iceland

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE these pictures! I’ve been fixating on Iceland recently, and this post seems like another nudge to plan my own trip there.

    1. Hi Hannah! I’m sure you would LOVE Iceland. It’s really a magical place and I’m hoping we make it back in the future. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I have a few great hotel recommendations that were very affordable.

    2. have you eaten the femnerted Shark yet?No femnerted shark, but last time I was here — I has “sea urchin” (a once in a lifetime experience :)This time, with my Salmon Tartar (very good) I had Salmon Cavier (pass), Cavier should not crunch (should it?)Reindeer was the other “exotic” meal, very good — recommend it.Tonight was take-out Sushi – excellent.definite discourtesy to refuse.I will try anything *once* and things I like more than once.So far, it has all been great.

  2. Tom -I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Iceland! After the U.S., Iceland is my farvoite country in the whole wide world, and I encourage everyone to spend at least a day or so exploring if they ever have a stopover to or from Europe.I lived there as a tot in 1966 to a teenager in 1978 when my dad was in the Air Force and stationed at the big base you flew into. (The international airport is now separated from the base, but we were one big happy back then.) I’ve even casually enquired into Oracle DBA/dev jobs there, but I’m kinda spoiled now by being back in the states. But it’ll have a very WARM place in my heart!

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