OK, so I know that it’s been over three months since I’ve last posted. To be honest, things have been crazy and I’ve neglected this tiny blog of mine.

I won’t let this happen again. I’m vowing to post at least once a week from here on out. Here’s hoping that I can actually stick to it.

As a little proof to the crazy life we’re been living, here’s a few snapshots courtesy of our instagram.

Our whirlwind days of travel started with over two weeks spent in Hawaii. We visited family and friends on Oahu and then made way for Maui where we had our annual Expedia Viewfinder summit. We even had spare time to spend a day on Lana’i and absolutely loved it.

There’s just something about the islands that calls to my heart. Both of my parents were raised on Oah’u and even though my dad is a verified haole boy, he still speaks pidgin more often than anyone else in my family.  The one thing I’ve really enjoyed is sharing my Hawaiian culture with the mister. He’s adapted to it quickly and especially likes the food.

Third time’s the charm. Chris finally got to snorkel in Hanauma Bay.   A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

We’re back on Oahu!!! First things first, coffee. We even bought some to take home- a cowboy blend 😍 A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

Jumping for joy at the Kahanu Garden #TeamHana #PictureMaui A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

Our time on Maui with the Expedia Viewfinder crew was invaluable to us. To spend seven whole days with fellow travel writers that we admire and adore was paradise. Between meetings, we fit in plenty of time to paddle board, sip mai tais, and exchange ideas for the future of the program.

Red sand beaches of Hana. We dig them. #PictureMaui #TeamHana A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

Gorgeous rainbow trees on the road to Hana! #PictureMaui #TeamHana A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

This is the OG at @monkeypodkitchen. It’s got coconut, lime, and dreams in it. #foodpornoff #picturemaui A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

 And then there was Lana’i. This is an island that I knew very little about. We only had the day to explore but we visited the Four Season for one of their beautiful Loco Mocos, drove to Shipwreck Beach, and stopped at the local cat sanctuary. Does anyone need a feline friend with a ton of aloha? Look no further.

Today’s breakfast is coming to you from the beautiful @FSLanai. Fresh fruit juice and a view. #seeLanai   A photo posted by Tawny and Chris (@captainandclark) on

Hawaii is one of those places that I’ll always carry with me in my heart. My hope is that one day I’ll be able to share the magic of the islands with my future children. Until then, the mister and I will soak up the sun, surf, and sand together.

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