Feathering the nest: Living room

Oh man.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in this apartment for over a year. That we’ve had a place of our own for over a year.

It’s even harder to believe that we lived as a married couple under my parent’s roof for four months (and almost an entire year before the wedding). And while I’m incredibly grateful to my parents for giving us a place to lay our heads when we weren’t traveling, it is SO nice to have a place that is completely ours.

We weren’t even supposed to be seriously looking at apartments, but I found myself gravitating towards having a place of our own. I searched craigslist and made Chris look at the few that spoke to me (and were in our price range). Most were pretty horrific but when my eyes landed on this beauty, I just knew it was the one for us.

Chris and I had talked about having almost everything we needed to move in except a bed and a couch. We knew it was meant to be when the previous owner had only left two pieces of furniture in the apartment. You guessed it- one huge king sized bed and one beautiful leather couch. I looked at the landlord and said, “We’ll take it.”

Saying that we were excited would be an understatement. This was our first real place together. One that we got entirely on our own. We had lived together for two years in South Korea but it was organized through the school we were teaching at. It was a tiny studio apartment that wasn’t meant to be shared between two people and one very large cat. But we loved it. We made it our home while we were there.


Before we even moved it
Our living room before we even “officially” moved in

We were giddy. As soon as we were approved we met with the landlord. He told us we could move in on February 1st, just a few weeks away. We found ourselves sneaking into the apartment and sitting on our “new” couch, imagining what life would be like in the space. We even snuck in a few pieces of furniture like the dining table that has been in Chris’ family for generations.

Starting to come together...
Starting to come together…

Slowly, our living room began to take shape. We scoured local thrift stores for fun finds and religiously checked Craigslist for any furniture deals. In the photo above, the most expensive piece of furniture is the vintage trunk (a whopping $60).

We're getting there...
We’re getting there…

It’s been fun to slowly transform this space into the comfortable spot it is today. Since we initially moved in, we’ve been able to swap out a few pieces of furniture and even experiment with a few different rugs.

It’s warmer in here and it feels oh-so good to relax when we’re back from a big trip.

What our living room currently looks like.
What our living room currently looks like.

As much as I adore this apartment, I must admit that I get a little giddy when I think about having a house of our own. I’m excited for the days when we’ll look back and reminisce about “our first apartment.” The sheer amount of love and laughter that’s happened within these walls puts a huge smile on my face.


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