Life lately.

November and December have come and gone and to say that the last two months have been a whirlwind would be a complete understatement. We’ve encountered and accomplished incredible feats since my last post. The most important being the fact that I am now 19 weeks pregnant-nearly halfway done!

Our Little Arrow seems to be doing well. Just in the past few days I have started to feel little kicks and movements. It seems that the little one is especially active in the mornings and at night. Dad has yet to feel anything from the outside but I’m sure those will come in the next few weeks.

This baby is already quite the adventurer. Not only has our little one technically been to Spain and New York but we just returned from almost a month in Taiwan (with brief stops in South Korea). I think baby is going to LOVE Chinese food.

Speaking of Taiwan, our time there was incredible. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better trip. We were in the country to film three episodes of a new TLC show called Fun Taiwan Adventurists. The premise of the show is to explore Taiwan with our host, Janet Hsieh along with two other blogging companions.

As an introvert, spending three and half weeks traveling with complete strangers could have been a recipe for disaster (including multiple emotional and mental breakdowns) but our fellow cast and crew were so down to earth, hilarious, and sweet that by the end of our time, I was heartbroken to leave them.

With our host, Janet and our two fellow bloggers, Charles and Haleigh.
With our host, Janet and our two fellow bloggers, Charles and Haleigh.

Some of my favorite memories from our time in Taiwan came from our long and winding car rides through the mountains where we talked about everything from life goals to worst bathroom stories. Let’s just say that we became really close.

So much fun and laughter with this crew!
So much fun and laughter with this crew!

I was worried that the morning sickness and intense nausea from my first trimester was going to carry into my second, but let me tell you, I’ve been feeling like a million bucks! The second trimester has been awesome and I feel like a human being again, albeit a slightly chubbier one.

I’ll have more on our time in Taiwan in the next few weeks. There’s so much to cover! We also find our whether Little Arrow is a boy or a girl later this week. There’s a very low key party in the works and I’ll be sure to post as soon as we find out. It’ll be nice to be able to say “he” or “she” instead of “it”.

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