The sweetest baby shower

Last weekend my sweet friends threw me one of the most adorable baby showers I had ever seen. It was an adventure-themed shower complete with maps, clouds, and all the food that I have been craving throughout this pregnancy. Any time spent with these friends of mine is precious and I loved being surrounded by so much love and laughter.

Here’s a little peek at the shower. All the photos were taken by my very talented cousin, Olivia, who also baked and decorated the gorgeous cake. Looks like someone in the family got all the talent.

Hilarious baby shower games for everyone

DIY Baby shower fertilize game

Fun DIY baby shower games

A hilarious round of “pin the sperm on the egg” resulted in some friendly trash talk. I have to admit, I was surprised at how close everyone got to fertilization.

DIY travel and adventure themed baby shower

Adventure travel themed baby shower idea

Cake, doughnuts, and fruit parfait–oh my! Not pictured is the amazing cheese, sausage, and egg bake that the host baked (Kristen, I have dreams about it). I might have scraped the tray clean when no one was looking.

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And of course, the little mister and I were showered with gifts. I can’t wait until he’s here and can roll the adorable suitcase around the airport. Also, the book “What do you do with an idea?” might have brought tears to my eyes. I highly recommend it.

Cute DIY baby shower ideas

DIY travel themed baby shower ideas

A huge thank you to all of my sweet friends that came together to throw this amazing shower. Baby boy and I are so blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. It was such a special day and one that I’ll always treasure.

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  1. “Win a prize if you fertilize!” is probably my new favorite saying, and I am totally going to use it if (when?) Paul and I decide to make babies. Proud of you, and love all of this!

    Following along creepily via the internet,

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