Dressing the bump

I honestly thought that when I got pregnant I would be one of those expecting moms who took weekly bump photos and had a cute DIY chalkboard that noted baby’s growth and development in utero.

Chris and I took our first official “bump photo” at eight weeks, right around the time that my morning sickness kicked in. Most days I could barely pull myself out of bed let alone get primped and dressed for a cute pregnancy photo. In the end, I think we’ve taken about 6 “weekly” bump photos in all. Nailed it.

Weekly pregnancy bump photos

Now that it looks like I’m shoplifting a basketball under my shirt, it’s hard to believe that I was ever as small as I was in the photo on the far left. It’s so impressive that women’s bodies are made to stretch and grow to accommodate the little life within us. Too bad most jeans can’t do the same thing.

I miss fitting into my clothes. I refuse to purchase maternity clothes as I find them to be (mostly) hideous and mind blowingly expensive. I did cave and buy a pair of maternity jeans off of craigslist but I tend to stick to oversized shirts, flowy tops and dresses, and jeggings. I used to detest jeggings. Even typing out the word sends a shiver down my spine but truth be told, jeggings are the only reason I look semi-presentable most days.

On the plus side, my newfound love for stretchy jeggings should take me through the remainder of this pregnancy and down the road to eventually (hopefully) getting back to my pre-baby weight. The AG leggings worn below are my absolute favorite (I basically live in them) and I scored them for $30 at Nordstrom Rack.

Dress the bump without buying maternity clothes

I wanted to wear something special for our maternity photos and scoured the internet for dress ideas. Our photos were taken on the beach and I was looking for something light and flowy. All of the dresses I really liked were from Free People and just a little too pricey to be frolicking on the beach with.

I ended up in Forever 21 the day before we flew to Hawaii and found the perfect dress for our shoot. It wasn’t a maternity dress but almost anything that’s empire waist is a pregnant woman’s best friend. I knew I was only going to wear the dress once or twice and didn’t mind spending the $30.

Dress the bump without having to buy maternity clothes
On our Flytographer shoot in Maui

Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to dress the bump the last seven months. It’s definitely getting harder now that the ever expanding belly is growing at a rapid rate. I figure that I’ll just go back to my Hawaiian roots and settle for muumuus in the last few weeks. Feel free to send any that you have lying around the house my way.

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